6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Speed Bag

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Speed Bag

Theres nothing more iconic then the rythmic beating of a speed bag being pounded when you walk inside of a boxing gym.

However, I doubt that the benefits from speed bag training should be exclusive to just boxers. Here's 6 reasons why I think you should also partake in in this sort of training.

1. Speed

This should be of no surprise of course, but one of the main uses of the speed bag is the hand speed that it develops. This is because of the design the speed bag has; allowing it to react to you, just as quick as you react to it. This creates a back-and-forth that is nowhere achievable by any other fitness instrument.

2. Power

No one really credits the speed bag of this because it is not something that you typically exert too much power on.
However, the only way to effectively hit a speed bag is to constantly have your hands up; consequently strengthening stabilizing micro-fibers in your scapula and shoulders. These micro-fibers of course give you an increased stability that translates to punching power. There is no surprise that Mike Tyson, one of the hardest hitters of all time, used a speed bag as an integral part of his training.

3. Precision

Precision, according to Conor McGregor, always beats power. How can you beat an opponent if you can't hit him? Hitting an opponent in the right place will put him out way more often then hitting him in just any place.
The speed bag is a piece of equipment that you always have to hit in the right spot, with the correct part of your hand to get the desired rebound to be able to hit it again.
This habitual movement increases the precision of your strikes in a way no other piece of gym equipment could.

4. Timing

Well if you thought that the Conor McGregor lines were going to be done in Reason #3, you have another thing coming (you of course, would've been quick enough to guess that if you had hit a speed bag prior).

"Precision beats power, and timing beats speed." -Conor McGregor

Timing the correct time to throw a punch, a football, or a basketball can win any sport. And it is simply a matter of having the hand eye coordination that is pounded into you in speed bag training. Speaking of coordination.....

5. Coordination

Coordination isn't just about using your body efficiently (although that is an aspect of it). Coordination is a result of neural pathways.

These neural pathways developed aren't exclusive to the action it took to develop them. Meaning neural pathways developed by a speed bag can also be used in actions ranging from quick mathematical equations to critical decision-making. As a matter of fact, a loss of coordination is one of the first stages of brain degenerative conditions such as ALS of alzheimer's.

Basically, more neural pathways equals more solutions to more problems. Imagine viewing the world from the lens of Eddie Morra from the movie "Limitless," because that is the power of a highly-developed brain. This is why the sweet science of boxing is often described as a form of "high-speed chess"

The constant interchanging pace of force and relaxation in your body when you're hitting the speed bag makes the speed bag one of the most specialized instruments in developing this coordination.

6. Stamina

Hitting a speed bag over and over again doesn't happen without raising your heart rate. Especially once you've become skilled enough to practice hopping as you hit the bag like many pros such as Manny Pacquiao, resulting in drenching sweat, and an unmatched and unrelenting pace.

Why speed bag over running? Simple, with a speed bag, you can hit it for hours on end without even realizing you're tired because of how stimulating it is, compared to running which personally bores me to mental exhaustion way before I reach physical exhaustion.

The Main Problem With The Speed Bag

Well if I've convinced you of the wonders of speed bag training, then great! Now where the hell can you go and get into it? Well, a boxing gym of course! They're jam packed with them!

Of course there are home solutions if you're too busy to be going to a boxing gym. Getting a speed bag is very difficult, a typical speed bag will run you $300-400, and it involves drilling into the beams of your home.  
That's why we've come up with the EZspeedbag.
A speed bag platform you can set up by just mounting it on your door frame, no drilling required.