Fight for Fit

Use it
at Home
Use it Everywhere

Bring your workout with you

Train anywhere. EZspeedbag’s unique, portable design lets you take your training wherever you go.

Provides Rock Solid Stability

Superior rebounding capability. Improves your punch endurance, speed, and accuracy.

Designed for limited space

The ReaFitness patented Solid Flex System allows for secure, stable mounting in any standard-width doorway.

For Everyday Fitness

Portable. Compact. Convenient. Fast.

When you have limited space and time, EZspeedbag delivers the fitness results you want, at home or away. Fits in any standard doorway.

For the Athlete

Heavy Duty and Durable

Created by champion athlete Chris Rea, built to withstand use by trained combat you.


For Any Fitness Level

Anyone can use EZspeedbag. Get an intense, effective workout regardless of experience or fitness level.

Athlete Designed

Designed by champion wrestler/boxer/MMA fighter Chris Rea. Built to withstand a beating, even from the most advanced fighters.

Patented System

The Reafitness patented Solid Flex Stabilizing System provides secure mounting and superior bag rebound in any standard-width doorway (26” to 42”). Easy to install and use.