"2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I read an article that boxing helps the central nervous system. Rock Steady Boxing was established for PD people. At the class, we use speed bags and I was not very efficient at it. I check Amazon and found the EZ Speed by ReaShape. I ordered it and have been using it almost daily. The Doctor feels it is help rigidity, flexibility, and hand eye coordination. Would highly recommend for individuals with motor issues."  P Burke

"Fast shipping, easy installation in minutes. great alternative to a wall mounted speed bag. Highly recommend for those with limited space." Alex O.

"This is worth every penny! I found it pretty easy to assemble and install. It's very sturdy and stays right in place. I also appreciated that Chris was very helpful the whole time and answered any questions I had." Jay

"Got this for my grandson and he loves it. He set it up himself and uses it everyday. Top quality product that even a 14 year old can set up. Great product, Great company" Rod

"I have been boxing for about a year and I have been needing to work on a speed bag more and more. This is a really good product for this and it was relatively cheap. It is easy to put together and so long as you dont screw in the side parts you can easily move it around." Dung Trinh

"I purchased the EZ door frame speed bag for my granddaughter for Christmas and the speed bag broke. They went out of their way to replace the bag. Great company and there for their customers." Frances Lenga

"Great product for getting started into boxing when there isn't one in the gyms around me. It was a little unwieldy (just the shape of it) so trying to set it up myself was a bit of a hassle since I wasn't able to push it up all the way in to the top of the door frame (door is kind of tall too). This led to a tiny wobble while working with it. Otherwise fantastic, durable, and great for working on focus and timing with your shots. Thinking about also buying the double end bag kit for this as well since I liked it a lot. It also arrived earlier than what was expected for me, so that was also a nice bonus." Neil

"Very easy to assemble. Has very sturdy platform. Provides a great workout!" Barbara J. Ladas

"This is awesome. Just get one. But the double end bag kit too. Makes working out fun and perfect for an apartment." Seth

"Very happy with the product .
Customer service was great they helped me make sure it arrived in time for Christmas and kept in touch with me every step of the way .
Highly recommend!" Chris L.

"Perfect for what I wanted. So easy to put up and take down. Took it on vacation! Great product!" Susan A. File

"Real convenient and easy to setup. Fun to hit and a good workout.
Also, Chris is very helpful and always responds quickly to whatever questions/concerns you have." Sam

"I'm from the UK, ordered my one week a ago, it came today and I will recommend this device, its amazing. Easy to install." Wayne Swaby

"I was so impressed by the special attention paid to me when I had question regarding the EZ SPEEDBAG. I was skeptical because of my ability to install it properly. I thought ' let me ask them exactly what needs to be done'' and instead of a quick fix to any concerns I might've had , I not only get a response back but I get the response from Chris Rea himself. He is knowledgeable beyond belief and to make sure I would get all the benefits the EZ SPEEDBAG allows, he drove 2hrs. to my home and installed the EZ SPEEBAG himself ! Such care and attention to customers nowadays is unheard EZ SPEEDBAG is now installed and is a solid and secure fit. As Chris suggested, I do 5 rounds of 3 minutes each day and I feel the effects already. Thank you so much Chris, for such a great product and for putting any concerns I had to rest. When a person stands with such integrity behind their product you know you are getting what you paid for and more... I was told more products by reashape are coming soon alomg with cool instructional workout videos...can't wait!
PS. SPEEDBAG workouts are great not only for the physical benefits but also good for sharp concentration and coordination too!" Laurinda S.

"The Reashape EZ Speedbag is EXACTLY what my facility needed as we have no wall space what so ever for a traditional speedbag setup. I'd recommend having a small step stool to work with just to make sure everything is level. Once you've got the frame properly installed the bag works like a dream and is PERFECT for beginners or advanced athletes. Can't say enough good about Reashapes customer service for walking me through all of my initial questions and I've truly loved developing new speedbag skills anywhere and everywhere!" Daniel A. Palacios