6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Speed Bag

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Speed Bag

For ages boxers have hit speed bags. Hitting a speed bag is a workout way more dynamic and efficient than a free standing heavy bag, and is safe for kids, senior citizens, and everyone in between. The speed bag is an provides an amazing workout with a wide variety of benefits, which seem to be exclusively appreciated by Boxers. Here's 6 reasons why we think everyone should hit a speed bag. 

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1. Build Shredded Shoulder

Hitting the speed bag is a great way to build lean and shredded shoulders, that create the "V-Shape" that you see boxers have. 

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2. Quickly Burn Fat

The speed and power that the speed bag develop over time is an amazing exercise that burns more calories than running, cycling, and weightlifting combined.

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The EZspeedbag is the best home solution to get a speed bag in your house. No drilling required, easy to set up and take down, and an extremely high-quality product which comes included with patented technology. Click Here to check it out.

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3. Learn to Fight

An exercise platform that requires you to constantly hitting it doesn't come without it's positive consequences. With a few weeks of speed bag training you develop insane hand speed and the punching power of a professional boxer.

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4. Develop Unrelenting Stamina

Hitting a speed bag requires constant movement while also keeping your arms up (which can get extremely exhausting!) is an amazing way to build your energy reserves and develop amazing endurance.

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5. Increase Your Speed and Reflexes

Too many times in your life did something come flying at your face, and like a deer in the headlights, you stood there and got hit in the face by a ball while everyone else laughed at you. A speed bag performs a repetitive motion of flying at your face and back. This hones your reflexes and allows you to swat it out of the way.

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6. Prevent Degenerative Diseases

Rock Steady Boxing, is a boxing program for senior citizens with Parkinson's Disease. They found that the motions associated with hitting a speed bag actually prevents your brain's motor-control region from atrophying, and actually increases your brain's function in all motor patterns. 

The Main Problem With The Speed Bag

Well if I've convinced you of the wonders of speed bag training, then great! Now where the hell can you go and get into it? Well, a boxing gym of course! They're jam packed with them!

Of course there are home solutions if you're too busy to go to a boxing gym. Getting a speed bag is very difficult, a typical speed bag will run you $300-400, and it involves drilling into the beams of your home.That's why we've come up with the EZspeedbag. A speed bag platform you can set up by just mounting it on your door frame, no drilling required.