Bored of your Workout?

Bored of your Workout?

Some people can spend hours at the gym. It doesn’t matter how you are feeling, what the weather is like, or what you do once you get to the gym -- you’re there, doing the same routine, grinding away.

And that’s the problem.

After a while, you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Suddenly, you are mindlessly going through the motions as your progress stalls and your workout starts to feel more like a chore rather than something you enjoy. If you are bored of your workout, switch it up with something fun and physically challenging.

Working out with a speed bag is a great way to trick yourself into exercising. It is an engaging skill that feels good to practice -- it is more playtime than “gym grind.” If you are looking for a fun way to challenge yourself at the gym, the speed bag is a great choice. Not only does working out with a speed bag make you feel and look tough, it benefits your health and overall well-being.

Muscle Tone

If you use a speed bag to work out, chances are you will develop a toned body. Punching a bag is like a more intense version of lifting weights. Working against the resistance of the bag strengthens the muscles in your arms and core when you punch. The repetitive movement of punching a speed bag also improves your endurance. The first time you work out with a speed bag, your muscles are likely to feel like limp noodles within a couple of minutes. But with patience and practice, you will be able to engage with the bag for much longer.


The intensity of working out with a speed bag will do wonders for your cardiovascular fitness. Even hitting a bag for a couple of minutes will get your heart pumping like you wouldn’t believe! If you work out with a speed bag for just 20 minutes a day, you can get all the benefits of any other cardiovascular exercise. Some of the benefits include increased endurance, lowered body fat, lower blood pressure, and decreased risk of heart disease.

Stress Relief

Stress relief may be one of the best benefits of working out with a speed bag. Whether it’s a deadline at work or just a bad day, using a speed bag on a regular basis can help you respond to the stress in the way your body was designed to -- fight. Working with a speed bag is unique because it is a physically exhausting, aggressive activity that demands total concentration. It allows you to literally strike an inanimate object, which benefits both the mind and body.

These are just a few benefits of this fun workout. Other benefits include improved hand-eye coordination, speed, power, self-defense skills and concentration. If you are new to working out with a speed bag, check out this blog: it gives great tips on how to hit a speed bag for beginners.

Overall, the speed bag is a fantastic workout that not only gets you out of your exercise rut, it improves your muscle tone and endurance, all while reducing stress. No one should be missing out on this! We hope this article inspired you to start working out with a speed bag! If so, we recommend the EZspeedbag. It is a lightweight, compact speed bag that is completely portable. It is sturdy, comes with a top grade leather speed bag and air pump, and has an unmatched lifetime warranty.