Christmas Gifts for Fitness Girls

Christmas Gifts for Fitness Girls

The best way to shop for a woman is to consider her hobbies. If she loves to workout, she almost certainly has a wish list full of gear that will improve her workouts. Continue reading for some fitness-themed gifts that she is probably dying to own -- and maybe a few she didn’t know she needed yet.

Speed bag

No matter your workout experience, age, or fitness goals, the speed bag is a great exercise! The speed bag is a fun way to build long, lean muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. Not only that but a speed bag strengthens your rhythm, focus, coordination, and speed. It is also a fun way to improve self-defense skills, quicken reflexes, increase arm strength, and get a great cardio workout!

One of the best speed bags on the market is EZspeedbag by ReaShape. It is unique because it is the only speed bag that fits in a doorway. This way it can be used in apartments, homes, and on the go. Another of its unique features is an integrated pull-up bar -- this will diversify her workouts and help build back and abdominal muscles. The bag is a great size for beginners and professionals alike and is made of top-grade leather.

EZspeedbag comes with a free air pump, lifetime warranty, and for a limited time, free shipping. But, if you’re looking for something more, we recommend checking out ReaShape’s ultimate Training Package. You can get it here.

Yoga mat

If your yogi needs the perfect mat - or could use an upgrade - we recommend this one from Yoga Design Lab. It is a premium eco-friendly mat/towel combination that is the ultimate yoga companion. Not only is it machine washable, it is non-slip! Perfect for the hottest of hot yoga classes, there is no need to bring a towel.

A massage stick

This tried-and-true fitness tools is just called “the stick” and it is essential for any fitness fanatic who wants to keep her muscles pain-free. This travel-sized version of the classic stick is compact enough to take on the go. And even if it doesn’t seem like much, we promise that your fitness girl will be excited about this gift! You can get it here.

Ear warmer

This chic ear warmer from Lululemon is warm enough for outdoor activities but cute enough to wear on-the-go! It is reversible, wicks sweat, and has ultra soft fabric that is snug, yet not too tight. Plus, it’s thin enough to fit under hoods and helmets! You can get it here.


Every fitness girl needs a reliable water bottle! This one was designed with beer in mind, but this insulated, BPA-free water bottle is just as good at keeping water cold for up to 24 hours. Perfect for hiking and camping, it can also keep coffee warm for up to 12. The double wall means it won’t perspire and drip everywhere and the rounded corners help eliminate bacteria buildup (i.e. funky smells and tastes). And with a 100-year warranty, this thing is built to last! You can get it here.