Exercises to Increase your Punching Speed

Exercises to Increase your Punching Speed

Whether in boxing, martial arts, or heavy bag training, the faster you punch, the better your skill. Being able to land a punch quicker than your opponents is among the greatest advantages in boxing. Regardless of how strong you are, if your opponent’s punch lands first every time, they will beat you easily.

You can increase your punching speed in a number of ways. Ideally, you should incorporate as many of the following tips on how to increase your speed as possible. Keep in mind that like everything, you will improve with practice. It should take a couple of weeks so be sure to stick with it!

Forced Speed Training - Speed Bag and Double End Bag

The speed bag and double end bag are some of the best tools to increase your punching speed. Along with improving your reflexes, timing, coordination, and accuracy, they are great for forced hand speed exercises. With the speed bag and double end bag, you are forced to punch, even when you don’t feel like it. No matter how tired you are, you have to punch the bag. Think about it -- punching fast is pretty easy when you feel like doing it. But when you are in a fight, you are always forced to punch even when you don’t feel like it. So forcing yourself to repeatedly punch fast with the speed bag or double end bag will increase your speed while building your endurance.

The speed bag and double end bag come with their own unique benefits. The speed bag is great for building arm and shoulder endurance. The double end bag helps improve your accuracy and timing. Overall, both bags force you to act fast and think fast.

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Practice Reverse Push Ups

When performed with a speed-specific technique, push ups can help add speed to your punches. The focus is on speed, not power. You want to be able to finish your push ups as fast as possible. With reverse push ups, begin at the lowered position and push your body up. The goal is to push your body up with such intensity that your hands lift off the floor.

Resistance Training

Another great way to increase punching speed is to work with resistance bands. Resistance bands apply a constant force when you are throwing punches. This force allows you to build speed and explosive power throughout the whole movement. Swimming is also good for resistance training since the water is constantly working against you.


It is imperative to relax your body and mind when throwing punches. Oftentimes, if you are anticipating a punch, your body tenses up which slows your movements. A simple way to do this is to be sure you’re not clenching your fist until the split second before the shot lands. Keep your shoulders loose and breathe in a relaxed manner. Remember -- relaxed is fast.

Overall, if you are looking to increase your punching speed, practice with a speed bag and double end bag, work on reverse push ups, do some resistance training, and stay relaxed. Remember, it’s not going to happen overnight -- keep practicing to see results.