How to Fit a Speed Bag into your Fitness Routine

How to Fit a Speed Bag into your Fitness Routine

Once you learn how to properly use it, the speed bag is one of the most fun workouts. Some people are intimidated by it because for the first couple of times, you will look and feel a little awkward. But don’t worry about that, every boxer has experienced that awkward period at some time or another. Once you get the hang of it, there are several amazing benefits of working out with a speed bag. For the purpose of fitting a speed bag into your fitness routine, we will discuss the benefits and take you through three awesome workouts.

Speed bag training benefits

Adding a speed bag into your fitness routine has several benefits! Not only is it fun to bash on a bag for a couple of minutes, it’s a great way to introduce some variety in your workouts. Here are the main benefits of training with a speed bag:

Shoulder and arm endurance

The quick and constant movement involved in speed bag training is a great way to build endurance and muscles in your shoulders and arms.

Hand eye coordination

It feels a little clumsy once you first start but if you stick with it, you will gain incredible accuracy with your punches.


Once you get the hang of it, you can change speeds and work the bag at any speed.

Punching speed

It is called a speed bag for a reason! The bag rebounds as fast as you hit it, forcing you to keep the pace and rhythm.

Workout - Build Speed

This workout teaches you to throw high quantities of punches to increase your hand speed.

  • Set your timer for 30 seconds
  • Punch at a medium pace
  • Count how many times you hit the bag at interval
  • If the number is 50, aim to hit the bag that many times for another round
  • Increase the number by one extra punch per round

Remember to always keep your hands up by your head. Not only does it help you connect effectively, it also enforces the habit of keeping your guard up at all times.

Workout - Training for strength

This workout teaches you to throw power punches faster.

  • Inflate your bag so there are no creases in the leather
  • Hit the bag as hard as you can and count the number of times it hits the backboard
  • If the number is five, then hit the bag 10 times with the goal of matching that rebound on every hit
  • Do three sets per arm
  • Continue until your end rebound is eight per punch for a total of 24 sets

As your target number increases, do not wind up your punch. Be sure to hit from a fighting stance every time.

Workout - Build endurance

This workout will help you increase the time you can spend hitting the bag.

  • Punch the bag at a fast, steady pace for an entire minute
  • Do five sets of one minute with 20-second breaks in between
  • For every set, try to increase the amount of time you can punch
  • Continue for several weeks until you can punch for three minutes straight

Don’t get discouraged! And always remember to keep your hands up in your fighting stance.

Overall, the speed bag is a great tool that provides you with a fun workout. If you are looking to fit a speed bag into your fitness routine, we recommend EZspeedbag! It is a portable speed bag platform that fits in any doorway so you can workout in the privacy of your home. Not only does it come with a top-grade leather speed bag, it has free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and a free air pump.