Introducing the EZspeedbag: Turn Any Doorway to Functional Boxing Gym

Introducing the EZspeedbag: Turn Any Doorway to Functional Boxing Gym

The EZspeedbag

While a speed bag is a great way to exercise, build strength, and improve cardiovascular function, speed bag's are usually exclusive to boxing gyms because of the difficulty of installation. We, at ReaShape have brought the speed bag home (or office) with the world's only Doorway Speed Bag


The EZspeedbag is a great piece of equipment to exercise with because it is:

Perfect for punching off all of your pent up stress
An awesome form of cardio that beats the heck out of jogging
Great for developing your reflexes
Increasing your punching power
Improving your aim and precision
Giving you amazing coordination

    30 Second Installation

    Instead of a giant metal piece of equipment that is drilled into the beams of your home, the EZspeedbag comes in a neat little package. It’s designed to install temporarily on doorways, so you don’t have to figure out how to hang it from the ceiling either. Simply put, it gives you the ability to train your boxing skills at home without having to put up with the usual hassles of dealing with a traditional speed bag.

    The EZspeedbag consists of an extremely durable certified green compost that is stabilized by patented downward stabilizing technology, and a bar on each side that anchor the whole assembly to the doorway. Due to the patented parts, the speed bag remains stable and performs just like a regular speed bag that you would find in any boxing gym. 

    The two bars that hold the EZspeedbag in place also double as pull-up bars, so you're not restricted to just hitting the speed bag as a workout. That means that you can burn fat with the intense cardio of the speed bag, and increase upper body strength with the pull-up bar. 

    The founder of ReaShape, Chris Rea, experimented with so many designs and materials to truly perfect the EZspeedbag that he offers a lifetime warranty to anyone interested in getting one. 

    But don't take our word for it! There's plenty of reviews on YouTube of the EZspeedbag in use!

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    You can check out the EZspeedbag Here