Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

Must-Have Home Gym Equipment

Despite your best intentions, making it to the gym every day doesn’t always happen. It can be hard to fit exercise in between work, children, and your social life. But, your fitness doesn’t have to suffer. It’s easier than you think to turn your living room or even small apartment into a workout studio. It may not have top-of-the-line machines or mirrors for your post-workout selfies, but you can have a home gym with just a few pieces of equipment. Here’s some must-have home gym equipment so you can get in a quick sweat session, without leaving the house.

Speed bag

This is probably one of the most important parts of your home workout. Not only is a speed bag an impressive cardio workout, it strengthens and tones muscles in both your arms and shoulders. The EZspeedbag is a great piece of equipment because, unlike any other home speed bags that require a lot of work to set up, it fits in any doorway. This way, it can be easily set up and taken down without causing damage to your home. Further, the EZspeedbag has a built-in pull-up bar, which can be utilized to strengthen your back, biceps, and abdominal muscles.

Yoga Mat

If you are tired of sliding on your hardwood floor or slippery carpet, you need a non-slip yoga mat. Not only will it keep you from falling, it can help you be confident in your poses and give you extra cushion while doing crunches, planks, and floor stretches.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a must-have home gym equipment! It is important to take a day to recover and prepare your muscles for your next home workout. That’s where a foam roller comes in. It is a form of massage that can be used to loosen up sore muscles and tight joints before and after your workout. Not only does a foam roller aid in muscle recovery, it improves flexibility, reduces stress, prevents injury and increases circulation. All you have to do is lay down in front of the TV and get rolling!

Jump Rope

If you haven’t jumped rope since your elementary school days, you’re in for a surprise! It is harder than it looks and it’s fantastic cardio. If you are a beginner, a durable rope will work just fine. If you have some experience, look for a lightweight wire rope for speed and timing or a weighted rope to work on your strength.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball is an essential purchase. It’s a great tool for plyometric exercises and core strength movements. Whether you are throwing it, carrying it, or working on your abs with it, a soft medicine ball provides you with several options. We recommend a SOFT medicine ball so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything in your living room.

Overall, the must-have home gym equipment is the EZspeedbag, a yoga mat, foam roller, jump rope, and a medicine ball. With these, you are on your way to an effective workout in the comfort of your own home! You can follow ReaShape on FacebookInstagram, andTwitter for more fitness tips.