Proper Speed Bag Technique

Proper Speed Bag Technique

The speed bag is an indispensable tool whether you are looking to be the next heavyweight boxing champion or you’re just looking for a fun way to tone your arms. A speed bag is a creative way to quicken reflexes, improve hand-eye coordination, strength endurance, tone arms, and get a great cardiovascular workout. It can take a little bit of time to get used to using a speed bag, but with practice and patience you will impress yourself with your lightning fast speed!

With that, let’s look at proper speed bag technique.

Set the bag to proper height

First and foremost, you want to have the belly (the fattest part) of the bag level with your mouth. A lot of people hang their bags too high, which results in unnecessary muscle strain and poor technique.

Stand square

Instead of taking the traditional boxing stance, stand square with both feet at equal distance from the speed bag. You should stand a little closer than arm’s length from the bag. Further, you should be close enough to the bag that you don’t need to extend your arm more than a few inches to hit it. But, you need to be far enough from the bag that it won’t hit your head when it rebounds.

Know the rhythm

The first step to properly hitting a speed bag getting your rhythm. The speed bag will rebound three times for every hit. So, when you hit it once, it will go forward-back-forward and then come to be hit again. Try this to practice getting your rhythm down pat: *Hit*, wait three bounces, *Hit* and wait three bounces. Repeat this for an entire round.

Keep your hands open

When people start working with a speed bag, it is recommended that you don’t make a fist or hit the bag with knuckles. This results in losing control and hitting the bag too hard or fast. Keeping your hands open and hitting with your fingers helps slow the pace until you get your rhythm.

Keep your hands close to the bag

If your hands are too far from the bag you could end up moving too fast and consequently, hitting the bag too hard. Therefore, it’s important to keep your hands close to the bag. When your hands are close to the bag, you will be able to hit it without racing to it. Just remember that while one hand is hitting, the other should be waiting beneath the bag.

The best speed bag to buy

We recommend ReaShape’s EZspeedbag. The bag itself is made of top-grade leather and is a great standard size for beginners and pros alike. The base of the EZspeedbag is lightweight, compact, and completely portable. The backboard allows for easy setup in a doorway, and can be installed and taken down in minutes. The base itself is rock solid with no vibrations or shaking, which makes for a smooth, even swing. Further, EZspeedbag comes with a free air pump, free speed bag, and a lifetime warranty! You can find it or Amazon.

Overall, the speed bag is a fun and energizing workout that improves endurance, health, timing, and speed. We hope that these proper speed bag technique tips help you with your next workout!