The Best Double-End Bag For Your Home

The Best Double-End Bag For Your Home

Also known as the floor-to-ceiling bag or the “crazy bag”, the double-end bag is a round, air-filled bag that is held up by elastic cables on the top and bottom. When hit it swings back and forth and side to side. Many experienced fighters love double-end bag training because it helps develop higher-level boxing skills.

Here are some benefits of training with the double-end bag:


Unlike a stationary heavy bag, which hangs there waiting for you to hit it, a double-end bag constantly challenges you. After the first hit, the double-end bag is rarely in the same place twice. This forces you to constantly read the bag, predicting its movements and focusing on the strike zone. The double-end bag will raise your accuracy -- especially if you can land multiple punches in a row. This skill is essential for hitting a moving target, such as your bobbing and weaving boxing opponent.


Unlike a heavy bag, the double-end bag doesn’t bounce your hand back at you. This forces you to use more muscle to retract your arm -- especially when you miss punches. Rapidly delivering your strikes and returning to your fighting stance taxes your muscles and builds your endurance.

Timing and Rhythm:

Since the double-end bag quickly moves back and forth (like an opponent’s head) it is more challenging to hit. Its rapid and unpredictable movements make you develop a great sense of timing and rhythm. With the double-end bag, it’s not all about where to hit it, but when to hit it.

Speed and Reflexes:

To hit fast moving objects, like your boxing opponent's head, you need to have quick punches. When working with the double-end bag, all of your punches have to be quick. The double-end bag is an important component to a boxing workout because many fighters get used to throwing slow punches on a stationary heavy bag and end up being too slow in a real fight.


Punching power is not the same as punching skills. To actually transfer power to your opponent you need good technique, skills, timing, and accuracy. Many high-level fighters use the double-end bag because it develops all of those skills, which in turn promotes better punching power.

Now that you know all of the benefits of the double-end bag, let’s take a look at the best double-end bag.

If you are interested in working with a double-end bag but don’t want to join a boxing gym, getting a double-end bag for your home

 is a great alternative. While there are several double-end bags available, not all are created equal.

ReaShape’s Double-End Bag


Not only did ReaShape create the EZspeedbag -- the only portable speed bag platform that fits in any doorway, they sell a double-end bag for your home. The EZspeedbag is a sturdy, well-made home speed bag platform that includes an integrated pull-up bar. Its lightweight high-impact composite design makes it portable and easy to install. When attached to the EZspeedbag platform, the double-end bag helps develop all of the boxing skills mentioned above.

You can learn more about the EZspeedbag here and

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